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As our motto reads, “Awakening Many Minds”, we at A Common Ground seek to help to do just that for anyone yearning to make that Spiritual connection within. Our aim is to also help enhance one’s connection with Spirit to develop a more healthy and harmonious life. We understand the balance between Body, Mind and Spirit and how important it is to maintain that delicate balance.


To that end, we strive to offer an array of opportunities for

like-minded and interested people who wish to develop, enhance or further their Spiritual development. Opportunities such as an assortment of classes, workshops, seminars, talk series and much more are continually being developed and brought here to the Tampa Bay area!


We encourage each of you to browse our website and learn more about this exciting venture!




TONY TEDESCO - Psychic Medium & Intuitive Development Coach

As a young boy, Anthony Tedesco remembers growing up in a Catholic household having made his First Holy Communion and then year’s later sitting for his Confirmation. Shortly afterwards he became an altar boy and whole-heartedly wanted to become a priest. Anthony felt this connection to God but could not explain some things. As Anthony grew older he had many, many questions. The one that ran through his head the most was why there were so many religions. He could not understand the concepts behind all of them knowing instinctively that they were all praying to the same God. He knew then that there was only one God. But this knowledge began to be questioned on several occasions. The problem was, neither Anthony, nor anyone else had any answers.


The older Anthony grew, the more upset he became with God, for many reasons. He struggled with his family life and circumstances. He struggled with himself trying to figure himself out, asking why this and why that. Discovering whom he was rather than what society wanted or expected him to be was a huge undertaking. Throughout this process, Anthony grew more and more frustrated with many religious views. [Read more...]


Starting on Tuesday October 21, 2014 we will begin a Psychic Medium Development class. This class will give every participant an opportunity to explore his/her own psychic abilities. This will also give everyone an opportunity to work alongside like-minded people of mixed levels. We will begin honing in on psychic awareness through specific exercises and experiments to help sharpen those skills. Throughout the following six weeks, we will work together to include working with mediumistic abilities.



Psychic Medium Development Class (Nov. 04, 2014 | 7:00PM)

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